The portfolio of over 40 magazines in Spain and Portugal covering specialist leisure sectors including motoring, boating, music, photography, football, tennis, pets, fishing and diving. Most magazines enjoy a dominant market position and offer UK based advertisers direct communication to more than 3.2 million readers every month. Grupo V also has a portfolio of 10 specialist websites with a combined monthly audience of over 350,000 and has recently launched its first specialist TV channel as it looks for new ways to share valuable content with its audience.

Media Worldwide

For any information about Grupo V and our magazines, please contact:

Grupo V Madrid
C/ Valportillo Primera, nº 11
Tel.: 0034 91 662 21 37
Fax: 0034 91 662 26 54
28108 Alcobendas (Madrid)

For any advertiser and advertising agency with a brief to target consumers in the Spanish and Portuguese markets Grupo V Madrid can provide a number of “target groups” with common demographic profiles and leisure interests to simplify international campaign planning.

Main Contacts

For further information or to discuss your advertising requirements please contact:

Grupo V Madrid 
C/ Valportillo Primera, nº 11
Tel.: 0034 91 662 21 37
Fax: 0034 91 662 26 54
28108 Alcobendas (Madrid)

Grupo V Barcelona
C/ Moia, nº 1, Planta 6
Tel.: 0034 93 241 42 51
Fax: 0034 93 241 19 17
08006 Barcelona 

Grupo V Portugal
Ruas Tóbis Portuguesa, 8, 1º Andar, Escritório 1

1750-292, Lisboa

Tel.: 21 831 09 20/27

Media packs on every title including advertising rates, readership profiles and production deadlines are available in English below and sample copies of all publications are available on request.

Media Information

Please find below our portfolio of specialist magazines. You can download any magazine's media pack simply by clicking on the selected magazine's front cover.

  • Altagama
  • Carros & Motores
  • Motos
  • Caça & Cães de Caça
  • Armas & Tiro
  • Caça & Armas de Caça
  • Extra Javali
  • Extra Galinhola
  • Extra Perdiz
  • Especial Tiro de Caça
  • 70 Conselhos Para Atirar
  • Especial Adestramento
  • Gadget & PC
Animais de Companhia
  • Terriers
  • Cães & Companhia Anuário
  • Raças Mini
  • Raças Grandes
  • Extra Pesca Mar
  • Especial Robalos
  • Material de Pesca
  • Bikes World